Saturday, August 18, 2001

Well, it's happened again. I've been laid off from my job.

It's funny. All of my common sense is telling me that I should be upset, that I should be mad. But I cannot help but feel good about the whole thing. It's no secret that I wasn't 100% happy there. It was a really long commute and it was often a very frustrating experience. I wasn't being used as much as I could have been, they didn't even begin to tap into what I could do creatively. I spent most of my time, fixing dumb mistakes and adding little bits of content to the site here and there. I did accomplish some really neat stuff while I was there, like designing and setting up their intranet and extranet sites, but the dull times far outweighed the exciting ones.

Now I feel like there are all these possibilities open before me - I just have to ferret them out...

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