Wednesday, August 22, 2001

Praise Him!

When I got laid off last week, I couldn't help but be excited. I don't know why, but I just knew that it was a sign that God had something better in store for me. Sure enough, I got an email this morning (yesterday afternoon actually, but I wasn't home to get it,) saying that someone at a staffing company in West Hartford had found a position that I would be a good match for in Willimantic.

Willimantic is only 35 minutes from my house!

I've been traveling anywhere from one and a half to three hours to get to work for the past 2-3 years. This is truly a blessing. I have become more and more involved with the music ministry at church and was starting to worry about exactly how much I could commit to it, because I came from so far away after work that it was nearly impossible to get there on time.

That problem may be solved very soon...

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