Tuesday, August 7, 2001

Lately I've been having conversations with different members of the New Dream Network about the state of their site, the apparent lack of activity and the sorry state of the design-oriented mailing list. It seems that the main focus of the group has become their hosting service Dreamhost, which I use and would recommend. I always thought of NDN as more of community than a business and find it kind of sad that they've chosen that path. I don't blame them and don't think that they've sold out, but they really had a good thing going back in the day alongside Swanky.

Dallas assured me that there will be a renewed emphasis on community and more activity from the members along with a more distinct separation between the business and non-business aspects of what they do. I sincerely hope so... NDN and their members were one of my main inspirations for taking up web design and mailing list has really helped to shape and mold my vision as a designer.

I just pray he follows through with it.

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