Sunday, January 18, 2009

Resolutions update

Well I made some New Year's resolutions this year, which I usually do not do. Here is a bit of an update as to how I am doing:

1. Lose Weight:
Well, I haven't stepped on the scale but my pants are fitting a bit better. I am assuming that I am losing weight. I have tried to cut back on my portion sizes and tried to avoid snacking. When I do snack, I try to keep it sugar-free and semi-healthy. I have absolutely no idea if I am actually losing weight or how I might be doing it, but I think I may actually be losing some weight.

2. Go to the Gym
Complete and utter failure. I haven't been once in the 18 days that thus passed in 2009. Maybe tomorrow LOL

3. Sweet Tooth
Not so bad so far. I am still having an occasional chocolate bar and the random cinnimon bun once in a while but I am doing very good, in my opinion.

4. Making the Time I Spend Online Worthwhile
Well, it took me a while but I am updating my blog, am I not? But aside from that I am keeping in touch more with one of my oldest and dearest friend, Liz, via twitter. Other than that it's still pretty frivolous. But hey, you know what? I don't feel so bad about that. The internet is no longer my job. Now that I am no longer a web designer and the internet is something I want to enjoy. So I am still going to look at my LOLcats and you cannot stop me. So, there...

5. Be Nicer to Bowen
I recently sent a tweet saying something along the lines of 'who knew fifteen year old boys could be so annoying' to which Liz replied "teenage girls." But honestly I think back as to how I behaved and how I was the bane of my siblings' existence. We are annoying at that age. I know I was. All I can do is love him as much as I can and make sure that he knows that. that's where I am with my resolutions. I have added another one that will be easy (hell, probably automatic if I stick with numbers 1 and 2) and that is to take a bit more pride in my appearance. In keeping with that I shaved my beard; downgraded back to a goatee and shaved the dome.


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