Monday, December 15, 2008

Izyk stays the night

Saturday I went to my daughter's and picked up my grandson Izyk for an overnight visit. I'm not sure exactly what the occasion was but Lynsey was cooking for a party for her mom (my ex) and (I think) her boyfriend Jeff. He was a joy to watch for the night.

Now, I may be a little biased but Izyk is the happiest baby alive, hands down. I hope my daughter appreciates how easy she has it. He only fussed once in over 24 hours and that wasn't even a full-on cry. He ate what we put in front of him without complaint. When it was time to go to sleep I laid him down in his portable crib and that was that.

When my niece Sarah was a baby we watched her on a regular basis for a good part of the first year of her life. Most of the time she cried like someone was trying to kill her. The rest of the time she was either sleeping or eating. It was a real test of mine and my wife's sanity. Really.

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