Friday, December 5, 2008

Bitten by the typography bug (again)

A few years ago, I had a vanity URL where I had my pathetic, sparcely updated blog, some of my past design work for various online `zines, some of the advertising work that I had done for, etc... But when the internet bubble burst and I could no longer find web design work I couldn't afford to keep the domain and gave it up. Among the many pieces of dreck that populated my site the one thing that consistently drew traffic to the site and that I was really proud of were the original typefaces that I had created. I would really love to put those up online again but they are all on zip discs tucked away in my closet. I no longer have a zip drive.

I know some of them are out there on free download sites: for example - BigMisterC, loosely based on my handwriting (including a few doodles in the extended charachters including a self-portrait). Not actually made into a font by me, but by a friend Isabelle Trolio. The rest were drawn and converted into digital fonts by me. The only problem is that once you put a font out there on the wild, wild web you will find it being distributed on a hundred different "free font" sites without your permission and that is frustrating.

But in spite of the possible frustration, I am tempted to lay down the semolians to get a new Zip drive, dust off the fonts and start sharing them with the rest of the world again.

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