Friday, December 19, 2008

Before & After

Not exactly sheep shearing time in the Coburn house but damn near close. I, like any other self-respecting man who is losing his hair, do the only reasonable thing that can be done with my hair. I keep it buzzed tight. If I didn't I would look like Larry from the Three Stooges - not exactly a look that screams "debonair," right?

But I have been lazy as of late. I hadn't cut my hair in at least a month or so and I was looking rather shaggy. I really knew it was time to buzz the dome again when a coworker looked at me askew and asked me what the hell was up with my hair. I was wearing a beanie cap that morning because it was chilly and I have to admit that I looked like a tamed down version of the heat miser. In addition to this I hadn't shaved in about a week, so my look was starting to border on "homelessness." It was time to take action. Last night I buzzed my noggin with the clippers (no guard), trimmed my goatee and shaved. I felt so much better. Below is the before & after...

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