Wednesday, July 18, 2001

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I recently installed Windows 2000 (clean install) and now I cannot seem to get Fontographer 4.1.5 for Windows to run. Whenever I launch it I get the message, "Could not initialize the program, because there is not enough memory available to run" with Code = 30202.

I have an AMD 1.2 gig with 786 megs ram. This happens even after a fresh reboot with nothing else running.

Any ideas?


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I have an idea, although it won't solve your problem... How about an update to the program? How many versions of Windows & Mac OS have come and gone since the last update? Enough to warrant a new version - even a "dot" release or an update at least... I really think it's ludicrous that Macromedia hasn't bothered to continue developing this product. Especially in light of the fact that there is a new font format that they could be supporting: Open Type. You know, Microsoft is working on a authoring tool for open type, according to their website.

Why isn't MM?

Don't they care about the Fontographer users? Did they buy it from Altsys just to let the product fester? It's the only worthwhile tool for creating fonts right now - but for how long? I really wish someone
would do something about this...

...before I eventually switch to something else. Something better will come along and MM and fontographer will be left in the dust if they don't do something about it..

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