Monday, July 16, 2001

Sorry... Lack of updates has been due to an unexpected long weekend and the lingering death of my PC at home. Not have I not only lost the modem, but now my zip drive and CD-ROM are kaput.

The unexpected long weekend sprang up from my sister needing a ride to go get her car out of the shop. Friday morning we waited and waited to hear from the garage, so we could go and pick up her car. I got tired of waiting and called them around 10:30 - 11:00 to see if they were done and found that they were just taking it out for a test run. Rather than run her down to New London to get the car and then drive 2 hours to work I just decided I'd be better off just calling the day a day off rather than coming in late as I had planned - especially since I couldn't stay late to make up the lost time.

Over the weekend, I somehow managed to injure myself, not too seriously, thank God. I was cooking lunch for the kids and was tossing hot dogs into a pot. I also had a baking sheet balanced on the stove because I was also going to bake some french fires in the oven. As I was doing so, I inadvertently knocked the baking sheet off of the stove, squarely on my big toe. {OUCH!} I didn't look down at my foot right away, but continued to finish plopping the dogs into the boiling water. When I had finished, I looked down at my foot and to my utter amazement saw that I was standing in a small pool of my own blood and that my other foot was mottled with splashes of blood. It seems the baking sheet hit me exactly where my toe and toenail meet. That area is not at all used to seeing any kind of lotion or anything like that and the dry,rough skin just gave on impact. It still hurts like crazy and I've got antibiotic cream and bandaids on it and am a bit gimpy... But at least I didn't drop something heavy on it like one of our big pseudo non stick cast iron pots...

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