Wednesday, July 11, 2001

According to my logs, 55 people downloaded fonts from me yesterday. I am also placed at number 19 on a search on MSN for "Free Font Download," which really isn't bad seeing as how I've never registered my site to be spidered by them, nor do I have any META tags on my page.

Here's the sad part. If I were still asking for a $10 shareware fee for my work and everyone who downloaded shareware actually paid the fee, I'd be compensated $550. That's why I took down the font site. That's why you don't see people all over the net making fonts any more. That's why I hate font sites that list 1000 fonts for free download filled with other people's work.

Don't anyone ever dare complain to me about the lack of new and interesting fonts being made or that fonts from Adobe, AGFA, T-26, Emigre, etc cost so much. They're liable to get a poke in the eye. Why is the Open Source community is in existance? Because people want to share their creations and build things as a community? Or is it because protecting your intellectual property on the web is ridiculously hard?

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