Tuesday, July 10, 2001

The stupidy never ends...

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Sent: Monday, July 09, 2001 9:58 PM

Subject: Database Design- DesignNhost.com

> Dear matt@bigmisterc.com,


> http://www.designnhost.com provides custom application development services.


> We specialize in creating and extending data-driven business applications to the web.


> Our skilled application architects, data modelers, analysts, developers and project managers can help you with every stage of a project, from gathering user requirements to testing and deployment.


> For Free Quote, call us @ (###) ###-#### or visit us at http://designnhost.com/request.htm

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before you start sending out these huge mailings, why don't consider who you're sending this to...

i assume that since I was among those targeted that you're trying to appeal to desigers, developers, etc... if that's true, this mailing is just plain downright laughable. i went to your site, looked at the code, saw the Dreamweaver generated, crappy javascript and realized that you did the whole site with a wysiwyg.


you should be seeking my services - not the other way around! how dare you try and solicit my business with a half-ass website like that! table layout? no CSS? non-compliant code? HTML 3? are you kidding me? you didn't even bother to clean up the code that Dreamweaver put in!

IF i did need database help do you really think i'd turn to you? do you really think that i'd employ the services of a spammer? what makes think that unsolicited email is a good marketing tool? it's one of the most reviled things on the internet!

i'd suggest castrating whoever is cooking up your marketing plans, hiring a real designer, learn something about your target audience and try again

...but not by email

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