Tuesday, July 24, 2001

I find myself more and more disliking the atmosphere here at work. It's always been a little uptight when it comes to things like dress code, use of headphones, etc., but there is something worse than that in the air. The bigwigs so want to be in a big corporation that you can taste it in the air all around the office. Like burnt ozone... Buzzwords and anacronyms abound, the walls seem to whisper and reverberate, "i.p.o... i.p.o... i.p.o..." The parking lot is stuffed to capacity with SUVs. The uniform of the day is button-down oxford, chinos and loafers that cost as much as I spend on clothes in a year.

Testosterone flows like a river...

It's pretty scary. The more and more aware I become of the amount of power corporations wield in the world the more and more leery I am of having anything to do with the corporate world. Or even little companies with corporate aspirations. I don't want to dedicate my talent to achieve a world dictated by the bottom line.

I'd feel, perhaps, a little better maybe working at a place that at least had a creative vision, a palpable identity. At least I would have oppurtunity for more creative freedom, but where I am now I dread the day ahead of me as I pour over the same old mediocre drivel, day in and day out.

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