Monday, January 11, 2010

Least Surprising Announcement Ever...

Sarah Palin has inked a multi-year deal with Fox News to be a regular contributor to the Fox News network. In other words, the crazy just keeps getting crazier. What I find amusing is that so many people thought Lou Dobbs was going to go to Fox when he quit CNN and that Palin was going to run for president when she quit Alaska - just the opposite turns out to be true. Well, it's not a known fact that Dobbs is actually running for any elected office but he certainly is throwing out enough clues that he might be running for some kind of elected office, like back-pedaling on his harsh anti-immigration stance in letters to several news outlets and notable bloggers.

According to the NY Times, Palin won't be on a regularly scheduled program but will host a series that runs on the network on an intermittent basis much like Oliver North (another ethically-challenged, dubious character who is also for some inexplicable reason held in high regard by the right.)

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