Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I used to be...

...a conscientious employee. I used to give a crap. I used to work 10 hours a day with little complaint and actually a great of satisfaction. I used to feel like that what I did made a difference.
Now I feel like a cog in a machine. ...a rusty, worn-out, barely-functioning machine. I do not feel appreciated; I do not feel like an individual. This fills me with a considerable amount of sadness because there was a time that I loved this job and this organization. When I started working here I felt like I belonged to something that was bigger than myself. I don't think that is an uncommon feeling for people who work in the healthcare industry. Your business is all about making people overcome illness, lead as healthy a life as possible. It's a line of work that it's hard not to (or at least once was hard not to) feel good about.
Sadly there are some things that are common to ALL jobs, no matter what field you work in, that attribute or detract from a person's overall job satisfaction: a modicum of respect, a sense that the employees concerns are being heard and at least considered, and finally a sense of security. I can honeslty say that I have seen a steady decline in all three areas in the nine years that I have worked for this organization.

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