Thursday, February 12, 2009

pissed off

02.11.09 day one
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I got really pissed off at work today. My boss has been talking me up to move me into a supervisory position in my department. Not too long ago I was the department all by myself. But now there are two of us in the client services department and there are two pathology secretaries and a transcriptionist that would all be under me. I would also take over supervision of the send out department from the phlebotomy supervisor. It's a big step and quite a bit more responsibility than I am saddled with now. Hopefully it will come with a bit more in the way of monetary compensation. Lord knows I could use it.

So, the new position has been going through the administrative wheels and cogs and has yet to be finalized and approved but my boss keeps assuring me that it is coming. While I am waiting (months) for this to happen, the chief pathologist or someone in pathology decided we need another pathology secretary because we're taking on a new client that might potentially sending us quite a bit of work. That position got approved in less than a week.

Do we need another pathology secretary? I don't think so. At the very least, we should try and tackle the extra workload with our current staff to see if another position in warranted... but that's just my opinion. And I am not in any sort of management position... yet.

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