Wednesday, June 20, 2001

I have got a wicked head cold and should probably be in bed, sleeping - not here at work being miserable, drinking coffee and downing Dayquil™. But i've taken a lot of sick time already, used up all my personal days and don't want to touch my holiday or vacation time.

My voice is really, really rough sounding at the moment - like I've smoked cigars for 20 years and my throat feels like someone's taken sandpaper to it.

[groan, groan groan...]

I really am nothing but a big baby when I get sick. In spite of this fact, I've actually been rather productive here at work. Added a new section to the Intranet, finished the formatting for the soon to be launched extranet, made some changes to the site... But as the afternoon drags on I feel less and less productive.

But out my lethargic state came a pretty good idea for a new kind of site. I am thinking of asking two other people (designers, webby type people) to join me in a free-flowing kind of thing. A basic k10K rip-off with a scrolling news section, desktops, brief bios of the three of us, cams maybe... But the choice of people is what would make it interesting. You see sites run by like-minded people all the time - why not one where the people involved are very, very different from each other.

I wonder if these two people would be interested...

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