Wednesday, June 13, 2001

10 ways to improve life...

Do each of these at least once a week, repeat as needed:

  1. Go to the library. You're never so old that you can't be more informed or more well read.

  2. Take a walk in the woods.

  3. Take the long way home when you drive - repetition is a bad, bad thing

  4. Go to church, sing, pray. Repeat the the former two each day.

  5. Turn off your TV/computer/stereo/console game/etc. for a while - be analog (good time to crack open that book from the library, no?)

  6. Cook, if you don't normally do the cooking at home or let someone else cook for you if you normally do the cooking

  7. Pick wild flowers and give them to someone sweet.

  8. Resist the urge. Doesn't matter what it is, resist it.

  9. Skip wearing a watch for the day. (I never wear one...)

  10. Write your own damn list...

I could go on... if you have some good ones, let me know.

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