Monday, March 30, 2009


Is it wrong that I don't feel like working? That I don't feel motivated to work for a boss or organization that gives me the impression that they neither want nor care about my opinion? Less than 6 months ago I was excited to come to work, felt like I was making a difference here at work, that what I did made a difference. I don't feel like that any more. Now I feel like I could just not show up any more and no one would miss me.

I know that, indeed, that is not the case. I have worked hard and long to make myself indispensile and I know that there are a lot of plates that I and no one else in the lab keep spinning.

A while back I had the oppurtunity to change departments, to switch to I.T. and become a lab informaticist, an I.T. person who would work solely for the laboratory. It would have been more money, easier hours and less work. But I have been holding out for a supervisory position that is supposedly being created for my department. One of the techs in the lab took that position and here I am... a year later almost... still waiting for that position to materialize.

I am really running out of patience.

I really feel like I am being crewed over.

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