Friday, March 13, 2009

An end to flickr

So, I have been doing this project where I am doing a daily self-portrait with my camera, sometimes messing around with it in Photoshop and posting it to flickr. Well, when I started this little project I had a temporary flickr "pro" account because I am a DSL customer of AT&T/Yahoo, which owns the company. At the end of January, I got an email from flickr saying that my free "pro" status would be coming to an end because it was only an introductory free trial, seeing as I am a customer of their aren't company. The trial was to end on February 1st. February 1st came and went and I was still a "pro" user. March 1st rolls around... I am still a pro user. This is cool I think as I continue to upload my self portraits, pictures of family get-togethers, pictures I took going for a ride through Eastern Connecticut on a snowy day with my son.

I'm digging it; really enjoying it.

Last night as I was uploading the self-portrait for day twenty-seven of this 365 day project and there is the notification on the upload page:
my free "pro" trial is over and I have already used up 20% of my allowed upload capacity for the month. I am not going to be able to continue my 365 day project on flickr.

Now, even though the flickr pro account only costs 24.95 a year, I just cannot do it. I am the sole bread-winner in a family living in the most expensive state in the union. I do not own a cell phone. I have only the most basic cable. I buy used video games for my old PS2 (you know... the really old fat ones with no network hookup.) Eating out and splurging usually means take home Chinese food for about $30. I have a thermos I bring to work so I don't have to buy coffee. I'm not frugal; ask my wife... we live on the cheap because that's what we have to do to survive. The only real two luxuries we allow ourselves are Netflix and a DSL connection. So, $24.95 to be able to upload more pictures? No, thanks. So the project is on hold - maybe I'll start it up again if I can find a decent place to upload photos without too many limits.

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