Thursday, December 31, 2009

My New Favorite Blog...

From Balloon Juice:

9:45 12/28/09
"Now that Obama blamed systemic failure, watch GOP pivot and accuse Obama of demoralizing our intelligence agencies."

10:55 12/28/09
"We do not need a wtch hunt in intelligence, we need a fundamental change in administration policies on terrorism"

"Not to break my arm patting myself on the back with my predictive prowess, because this just wasn't very hard to see coming. When you are dealing with the current GOP, you simply have to think of the most shamelessly cynical thing they could do or say, and realize that they will in fact do just that. They are completely unhindered by reality and show no allegiance to facts or recent history. They will say or do anything, they know they will not be held accountable by the media or their own party, and that the Democrats don't have the balls to hit them head on. And when folks like Grayson do, our beltway betters get the vapors.

"This is just the reality we have to deal with- one party is filled with shameless hypocritical liars who will do or say anything, they are aided by a lazy and corrupt media, and the other party must spend all their time reacting to yesterday's bullshit charges while new ones are launched their way today. It is what it is."

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